Launching Discord, emoji contests and introducing: Pxpx

Launching Discord, emoji contests and introducing: Pxpx

XGo Discord Launch: Celebrating Our Community with an Emoji Contest We are excited to announce the official launch of the XGo Discord server.

We have been working hard to create a welcoming and supportive space for crypto enthusiasts.

This blog post is dedicated to the launch of our Discord server and the emoji contest we recently held to celebrate this momentous occasion.

Building a Community with Emojis As we opened our brand new Discord server, we wanted to create a fun and interactive way for our community to contribute and make the server their own. This contest invited all members of the XGo community to showcase their artistic/shitposting skills by creating unique and creative emojis to be used on the server.

XGo Discord Launch Emoji Contest Results

We are excited to share the winning entries for the XGo Discord Launch Emoji Contest:
1st place ($50): @joinity#0001
2nd place ($25): @Oops#0420
3rd place ($25): @LyzBot#3915

Additional winners ($20):
@onde vento#6612

We are incredibly grateful to all participants for their submissions and appreciate the time and effort put into creating these amazing emojis. The winners’ emojis will now be a part of the XGo Discord community and we can’t wait to see the horrors that you create with them.

As a token of appreciation for their participation, we have granted the "Artist" role to all participants who submitted an emoji. This role may provide special benefits in the future, so keep an 👁️ out!

Join the XGo Discord Community We invite all members of the XGo community to join our Discord server and be a part of our growing community. Our Discord server is a place to connect with other crypto enthusiasts, share ideas and experiences, and participate in exciting events and discussions.

You may notice Pxpx, the XGo Pepe, in the banner 👀. We are excited to introduce this new character, but more information about Pxpx will be coming soon. We hope to see you on our Discord server and look forward to growing and building our community together.

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