How to Withdraw Crypto from Metamask

MetaMask is a trusted and widely-used digital wallet designed primarily for Ethereum-based tokens. Alongside Ethereum, MetaMask supports other networks like BNB Smart Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, and more. Being self-custodial in nature, it ensures that all keys are generated on the user's device, providing complete control over their funds and data. It's available both as a browser extension and as a mobile application.

For many, MetaMask serves as their initial entry point into the world of cryptocurrencies, often being their first crypto wallet. Despite the process of withdrawing from MetaMask being straightforward, some users may require guidance. This article aims to provide clear instructions on how to withdraw crypto from MetaMask.

  1. What Are the Conditions for Withdrawing Funds from MetaMask?
  2. How to Withdraw Crypto from MetaMask?
  3. How to Withdraw Fiat Money from MetaMask?
  4. Conclusion
  5. FAQs

What Are the Conditions for Withdrawing Funds from MetaMask?

Generally, withdrawal refers to the conversion of cryptocurrency into fiat currency. MetaMask doesn't offer a direct method for this type of exchange. If the objective is to transfer funds from MetaMask to a credit card or bank account, an external platform will be required to exchange crypto for fiat currency.

In the context of MetaMask, withdrawing refers to the process of transferring cryptocurrency to another crypto wallet. This implies sending your crypto from MetaMask to an address not associated with MetaMask. There are no special prerequisites for this process.

How to Withdraw Crypto from MetaMask?

If you want to withdraw the coins you hold on MetaMask, it technically means that you will move these coins from MetaMask to a different crypto wallet.

To send crypto funds from MetaMask to another crypto wallet you should do the following:

1. Login to your MetaMask account by entering your password on the browser extension or in the app.

2. Click on the "Send" button on the dashboard. At this stage, you need to enter the address of the recipient wallet.

3. Specify the amount you intend to send/withdraw, and execute the transaction.

Ensure you have a valid receiving wallet address. This address can be found by opening the wallet's dashboard, clicking 'receive', and selecting the appropriate currency. Some wallets might have a different approach.

Understanding and handling cryptocurrency wallet addresses can pose a challenge due to their complexity. Each address is a unique string of over 20 random characters, referred to as a hash. Remembering these especially when managing multiple addresses can be difficult.

XGo has recently rolled out an innovative feature called XGo ID, aimed at simplifying transactions on MetaMask. This new integration enables users to effortlessly link their MetaMask accounts to their unique XGo IDs. As a result, they can now conduct transactions using easy-to-read identifiers, eliminating the need for cumbersome and lengthy alphanumeric strings.

With the XGo ID feature, users can seamlessly send and receive funds using these simple identifiers. No more worrying about copying, pasting, or manually typing complex hash-based addresses for each cryptocurrency. The process is now more user-friendly and intuitive, making crypto transactions a breeze.

In addition to the enhanced convenience, XGo IDs can also be searched directly on MetaMask, further streamlining the overall experience for users. Say goodbye to the hassles of traditional transactions, and welcome the new era of easy, efficient, and user-friendly crypto transfers.

At XGo, we firmly believe in the transformative potential of cryptocurrencies. One of our main objectives is to eliminate obstacles to their adoption. We view human-readable addresses, such as XGo ID, as a pivotal advancement towards mass adoption of cryptocurrencies.

Through this, we envision a future where everyone can navigate the cryptocurrency landscape with confidence and ease.

How to Withdraw Fiat Money from MetaMask?

MetaMask doesn't facilitate operations involving fiat currencies. To convert the crypto stored in MetaMask into fiat money, a third-party exchange platform is necessary.

For instance, if you have 10 ETH and wish to convert it into USD for credit to your card, you would need to send these 10 ETH to an address linked to your account on a crypto exchange that facilitates crypto-to-fiat conversion. In most cases, P2P platforms will fit perfectly for such a conversion.

The deposit address for your ETH needs to be generated on the exchange. Once the deposit address is obtained, you can transfer your Ether from MetaMask to the exchange. Each exchange platform provides distinct methods to convert crypto into fiat money on your card or bank account. Although this isn't directly withdrawing fiat money from MetaMask, it enables conversion of the crypto stored in MetaMask into fiat currency.


As discussed, withdrawing crypto from MetaMask involves sending crypto to another wallet address. Even if you are going to sell these coins on the exchange, technically, they are simply being sent to an address associated with your exchange wallet.

This is a basic function of any crypto wallet and is relatively simple. However, care must be taken when entering the recipient wallet address, as even a minor error can lead to failure of the transaction and loss of funds. Using the copy-paste function or scanning the QR code can prevent such issues.


How long does it take to withdraw cryptocurrencies from MetaMask?

Typically, it takes just a few minutes. In some instances, it might take up to an hour for the coins to be transferred. If the waiting period extends beyond this, it might be worthwhile to contact MetaMask's support team.

Are there any fees associated with withdrawing crypto from MetaMask?

Yes, a 'gas fee' is applied for each transaction made from MetaMask, which is usually less than 1% of the transaction amount.

What if I face an issue during the withdrawal process from MetaMask? Who can I contact for support?

Many issues can be resolved without requiring assistance from MetaMask representatives. You can make use of the Help Center or ask for support from the MetaMask community on various forums. If you need to directly contact MetaMask's support team, you can do so by clicking on the "contact MetaMask support" hyperlink on the wallet's homepage. Please note, the only valid addresses for communication with MetaMask have domains ending in or Any other domains could be phishing attempts, and the MetaMask support team will never ask you to provide your secret phrase.

How can I ensure that my MetaMask wallet is secure?

Firstly, ensure that you're using a genuine wallet, ideally downloaded directly from the MetaMask official website. Always use a strong, unique password and keep your seed phrase stored securely offline—sharing it with anyone could lead to loss of your funds. It's also advisable to disconnect from dApps when not in use and keep your MetaMask wallet updated to the latest version. Finally, for large amounts of money, consider using a more secure wallet option.