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XGo. One Team.

XGo is founded by crypto enthusiasts and experienced fintech leaders, to bring you the benefits of the new financial system and abandon the focus on speculation that currently grips the crypto ecosystem.

Interested in joining our all star team? We have global opportunites for hungry and enthusiatic people like yourself.

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Our DepartmentsBanking the unbanked and unbanking the banked involves completely rethinking the financial system — and replacing everything that's done with money with crypto. To setup crypto newcomers with their portal to a new financial system XGo brings together talented individuals to grow a great team.



At the forefront of fresh thinking in new markets, this team has a unique opportunity to change the game in our exciting and challenging industry. Forget the old-school, tried and tested ways of engaging a converted audience, this team dives head first into fresh thinking and brand new challenges. We’re the trailblazers, the innovators. Come and help us disrupt the broken, change the game, and start anew.

Client Services


This team comes with incredible experience. They know our industry, and they know how to create and deliver amazing new concepts. They innovate, they collaborate, and they deploy in really clever ways. They don’t just improve on what’s come before, they create things that no one has thought of.



We’re disrupting the traditional customer service landscape. Gone are the days of bored agents, the doers who live in a sea of cliches, scripts and platitudes. Everyone in this team is involved in spotting customer pain and killing it. This team oozes relevant industry and technical knowledge, mixed with emotional intelligence and a voice that really makes a difference. We really listen to this team.

Strategy and Ops


With growth and stability at the forefront of our plans, this is a high-quality team who are permanently on their A-game. They’re futurists, they’re thinkers, they’re clear from the start about what the right outcome looks like, and they know how to engage everyone around them to achieve greatness. These guys are the linchpin for delivering great stuff in great ways.

Business Development


Knowing how to drive new business in a way that creates a win for customers, service, and the business in really clever ways, takes a unique talent. This is what this team has. They just get it. They understand what works from every perspective, including stuff that has never been done before, to keep us in that special space we want to keep hold of.



It’s not just about numbers, it’s about the story the numbers tell. This team really gets underneath the whole business, keeping us all on the right path and making sure we live by our values to be at the forefront of financial knowhow and stability. They challenge us, they push us forward, and they keep everyone safe. What a great combination.

Legal and Compliance


In an industry where trust lies at the forefront of everything, this team are the game-changers, the gatekeepers of our biggest value; Trust. Leaving no stone unturned, and no risk uncovered, we need to totally trust this team, and we do. With that unique ability to go beyond normal safety standards, influencing an entire industry, this team matters…. really, really matters.



The innovators, the ideas gang, the solution-finders, the scientists, the experimenters. We love how this team knows what tech is needed, and what approach works, because we don’t restrict them. They know how to convince us when it comes to finding the right solutions that no one else has even thought of. Engineering, we thank you.

HR and Admin


With a keen eye on protecting our culture and encouraging strong collaboration, this team goes way beyond rule making and functional processing. They understand what drives and motivates us all to achieve the win-win. This is why they’re a unique bunch of influencers and game-changers.

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